Why Are Shahapur Property Markets Growing?


Why Are Shahapur Property Markets Growing?


Shahapur is surrounded by the Western Ghats and is located in Thane District of Maharashtra. There are innumerable ongoing and upcoming real estate projects in Shahapur. Whether you are looking for luxury villas or affordable homes, you will find it here matka result Now, the question arises, why Shahapur is showing an upward growth in real estate market?

The most important reason for Mumbaikars preferring to buy homes in Shahapur is that it is a clean and green area. Moreover, the Government of Maharashtra has declared Shahapur to be a ‘No Chemical Zone’. It is a major supplier of drinking water to Mumbai as there are four dams located in its vicinity, which are Vaitarna, Tansa, Bhatsa, and Modak Sagar.

Real Estate developers are constructing 1BHK, 2BHK, or huge bungalows here. So, people from all walks of life can own a home in Shahapur. Most of the apartments are new constructions that provide several amenities like swimming pool, gymnasiums, jogging tracks, libraries, etc.

Tourism In Shahapur:

Tourism is a major industry out here. There are several eye-catching areas that are attracting tourism in Shahapur. Mahuli Fort and Ajoba Parvat are popular trekking spots. They are a must visit place for trekkers; however, ensure that you carry enough food and water during the trek as there is not a single food stall. The waterfall during the rainy season at the trekking areas is simple breathtaking.


Mumbai is at a distance of approximately 80 kms via the Eastern Express Highway. The nearest airport to Shahapur is Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, which is at a distance of 80 kms. The nearest railway station is Asangaon, which is on the Central Railway line. Shahapur is at a distance of around 25 kms from Kalyan Railway Station. It lies on the Mumbai-Agra National Highway.

Educational Hub: