WhatsApp Tricks – How to Save an Image and Hide Read Receipts in WhatsApp

If you want to save an image or an emoticon in WhatsApp, you’re in luck. There are several ways to do it on the app, including Mark text as a favorite and hiding read receipts. You can also change the loudspeaker mode to the inner speakers. If you’re not a fan of the read receipts, you can turn them off by switching to punctuation mode. And if you’d like to silence a contact or group, you can always mute them.

Save images in WhatsApp

If you want to delete photos in WhatsApp, you can turn off automatic saving by turning off the “Save images” feature in Settings. While this feature may seem convenient, it can quickly fill up your phone’s memory. Fortunately, there are several ways to disable this feature so that you can regain control over the size of your WhatsApp photos. Here are a few of them. Follow these steps to delete WhatsApp photos. You may want to try all of them.

Mark text as favorite

WhatsApp has recently released a new beta version which includes a handy feature called Mark text as favorite. As a daily WhatsApp user, it can be time consuming to sift through hundreds of messages to find the one that you need. This feature lets you search through messages using keywords instead of the traditional’read’ option. It also helps you block mobile distractions by enabling custom notifications. Marking text as favorite is an easy way to save time by keeping track of your favorite chats and messages from your favourite contacts.

Mute a contact or group

Mute a contact or group on WhatsApp is a handy feature that prevents people from talking or sending messages to you. While it will silence notifications, muted users will still see the messages and can interact with them. If a contact is muted, they won’t receive notifications about it and will only see the messages when you open WhatsApp. The muted user’s speaker icon will be crossed out.

Hide photos

You can hide photos on WhatsApp with the help of a few tricks. These tricks will allow you to hide media from your contacts and groups. First, you need to open an individual chat on WhatsApp. Next, tap the More options option. Finally, you need to tap the subject of a group chat to reveal more options. Now, you should have all the information you need to hide media from others. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can also try the following trick.

Transfer chats from iPhone to Android

If you are looking for a way to transfer chats from your iPhone to your Android device, there are

a few different ways you can do it free android spy apps. One of the most convenient ways is to use a physical cable to connect the devices. Fortunately, the Lightning to USB-C cable comes with the new iPhone. However, this method is not as convenient as wirelessly transferring the data. To overcome this limitation, we will examine two alternatives to the cable.

Send group invite through links

Sending a group invite through a link is a quick and convenient way to invite new people to your

WhatsApp group chat. You can share the link to a group on any platform, such as email, Facebook, and Twitter. This way, you do not have to find new people on WhatsApp and then manually invite them to the group. Instead, you can share the link to the group to anyone you know, and they can then click the link to accept the invite.