Truck Bed Bike Rack Review


Truck Bed Bike Rack Review


There are a number of truck bed bike rack models to choose from and this article will not be reviewing each make but rather pointing out the different types of truck bike racks available and what you should be aware of before buying one.

The following 4 points are fietsendrager kopen things that you should consider when researching this style of rack.

  • Are you wanting to carry more than one bike?
  • Do you only have one or two bikes now but are wanting the option of transporting more bicycles in the future?
  • Do you mind have to take off the front wheel in order to load the bike?
  • Is cost an issue and are you looking for the cheapest model on the market?
  • Do you mind drilling holes into the back of your pickup or do you want the rack to be more portable?

With these questions in mind you can look for a couple of options.

Some of the bike carriers designed for trucks are only made for one bike. But if you want to add on another bike you will have to buy an extension for the rack. Not all models have this option. And note the extra cost for adding another holder.

Be careful to read reviews to see if you have to remove the front wheel or not. Personally I don’t mind because the front wheel of my bicycle is so easy to remove that I wouldn’t mind. The bikes also fit more snuggly into this type of rack. There are fewer tendencies for them to move around when traveling on rough or windy roads. Make sure that the rack comes with the additional part that keeps the loose wheel locked down too. If you don’t you might find your front wheel rolling all over the place.