The Cyberman Voice Changer: Set on your own Helmet and Converse Just like a Cyberthon

Have you ever strained your voice mimicing the robotic cyberman? A voice shifting helmet might just conserve your voicebox from destruction. A Cyberman polished helmet has become produced by Character Group plc. By Talking into an inbuilt microphone your voice is improved into that of a robot.

Communicate Like A Cyberman

The Cyberman Voice Changer is currently proving difficult to get maintain of and is likely to get a top rated toy for Christmas. It has pre-recorded seem effects and lights and a device which converts spoken voice into robotic speech. You’ll find a few buttons Situated to the clownfish voice changer  reduce appropriate with the helmet which activate the workings of the helmet. This is what occurs when you push each from the buttons:

Button one : The 1st button plays nine reliable recorded phrases including “You will end up deleted”, “As soon as I was human”, “I’m Cyberthon”, “You will be taken for upgrading”, “You are going to turn into equivalent, you will come to be like us” and “Resistance is illogical, you’ll be upgraded”.
Button 2: When you press this button and discuss in to the built in microphone In the helmet, your voice is going to be altered to the voice of a Cyberman. It is a whole lot significantly less of a strain on the voice box than seeking to make this seem by on your own!
Button three: Pressing this button plays a stun grip cyber weapon sound.
The Cyberman voice changer also features a blue light-weight which operates by way of batteries and glows in a very line while in the mouth region. This provides into the authenticity of your helmet and is particularly perfect for glow at the hours of darkness outburst of Cyberman phrases.

Resistance is Illogical

The helmet has very a fun worth to it. It is well set together and it has the many features necessary for scaring grandma soon after Sunday lunch. The nice issue with regards to the Cyberman Voice Changer helmet is that it is a one:one reproduction of a Cyberman’s Helmet so it can be large enough to suit grown ups as well as children. A strap adjusts to suit. Grandma might just want to possess a play with it way too!


The helmet is great exciting for anyone who’s keen on Dr Who Science Fiction, Little ones and Grown ups alike. This is a sociable toy which is perfect for use as part of job Participate in and dressing up fun and excellent to provide out at parties but has limited Engage in worth for extended periods of time.