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What are Some of the Best Enhanced Features for Working with Others

One of the best new capabilities in Microsoft Office 2013, as cited in previous posts, is the brand new actual-time collaboration feature in their various productiveness equipment, including: Microsoft Word 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. This new feature permits the software giant to provide cloud-based totally features on a par with Google Docs, whilst additionally making multi-user collaboration to be had inside the framework of the arena’s maximum famous productivity suite.

Expanded actual-time collaboration services

While real-time, multi-user collaboration has been to be had for Microsoft Excel and OneNote for some time now, thru the use of Office Web Apps, the same turned into no longer real of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint; besides thru the acquisition of high-priced laptop software. Now even though, Microsoft offers those function-wealthy productivity equipment in a browser-based surroundings, just like Google Docs.

There aren’t any special plug-ins or extra software program required to revel in the collaboration functions now to be had from Microsoft. Instead, users revel in real-time viewing of ongoing changes in Word files and PowerPoint shows – as they are taking vicinity. A easy save then secures these real-time adjustments.

Simultaneous editing in Word and PowerPoint

How is it viable for 2 customers to edit a single document without developing puzzling, overlapping modifications? Simply, the function locks the section being edited from the moment edits start, a primary-come, first-served approach to modifying. Until the changes are stored, no different consumer might also edit the locked section. However, some other user may begin modifying another section of the document, in addition locking out different customers.

As the edits are taking area, every consumer reloj control asistencia chile is notified of the locked-out sections. As every consumer saves their changes, the lock is released and the modifications are posted with all users’ changes covered. Should the consumer now not store their modifications, the file will no longer mirror any adjustments and people adjustments will no longer be shared.

Visual indicators and messages are mechanically provided to permit all collaborators understand precisely wherein the editing is taking region. By allowing the cursor to hover over the “Lock” indicator, each person will acquire a similar message.

For powerful collaboration, users must be cautioned that multi-consumer modifying in Office calls for saving files to Microsoft SkyDrive, the cloud-based sharing provider.

Real-time multi-user collaboration in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint is not a feature for the future, but a real-time bonus of the new Office 2013.