Information about the Thunderball Lottery Game, and its Odds

The National Lottery of the UK offers the Thunderball lottery game. This article will explain how to play and provide information about your chances of winning.

Thunderball is drawn twice per week on Wednesday and Saturday. It costs PS1 to play. You must select your numbers before the game cut-off. You will need to choose between 5 and 34 numbers, and an additional number between 1-14, the Thunderball number.

The Thunderball grand prize is always PS250,000. Each winner receives the entire prize amount, regardless of how many people win in a particular draw. This is why this game boasts the highest chance of winning PS250,000. It works because if you match all the numbers you will be guaranteed that amount.

Thunderball boasts that it has the best chance of winning PS250,000 because of its odds. The odds of winning the PS250,000 Jackpot are about 1-in-3.9 million. live draw sdy  The odds of winning Thunderball is quite good when compared to other lotto games offered by the National Lottery, such as EuroMillions.

Other prizes are also available. You can win a prize if you match at least the Thunderball number with any other number. The other prizes, aside from the jackpot prize, range from PS5-PS5000. You have a 1-in-18 chance of winning any prize.

Thunderball is available online without the need to purchase physical tickets from the UK National Lottery. Online registration is possible to automatically play and you won’t miss a draw.