Growth of TESLA


Since 2008, tesla has made remarkable growth by its chief executive Elon Musk. He has crossed all the expectation of the people in electric vehicle manufacturing. Undergone many strategies and reached its fourth quarter at a hike. The recent tweet is that NASDAQ: TSLA at can be bought with bitcoins in the US. It is the initial step and later on, it will be implemented in all the other countries. As an introductory part of bitcoin sales, last month the tsla purchase was 1.5$ billion. It results in the stock raise and the price value also increases. They planned to raise their sales to an average of 50% annual growth delivery in 2021. Last year growth is 36%. To promote their business they have planned to manufacture cybertruck i.e. electric vans. The company has officially announced that only 80 cents per share is received and it aims to receive 90 cents per share.

A Transformative Year 2021

The company has openly declared that the past year despite the globe has faced the problem of covid’19, they have raised their volumes, profitability, and cash transaction significantly. Now they are ready to deliver 200,000 vehicles in china alone in 2021. The launch of model Y reaches the top position in the China market. China market association has reported that they have manufactured typical china (Shanghai) model and raised its sales. China has become the key trader in selling its products. This made the chief executive Elon Musk declare that they will reach an average of 50% sales. It creates confidence and they are working with such an enthusiasm to prove their potentiality.

Massive Expansion

Tesla has planned to increase its manufacture to meet the satisfaction of customers. Musk had planned to build a double number of vehicles in production. It is necessary to produce gaint autos in quality and quantity. They ought to expand their manufacturing company rapid and capabilities. Now at present, they have to expand their third plant in berlin to produce the model Y. they planned to construct the fourth plant in texas. They planned to build the largest manufacturing unit of 2000 acre. There they planned to build Model Y, Model 3 and a big-rug truck, semi. Cybertruck will be released later after undergoing all the tests. Analysts have noted the remarkable development of tesla in the technology of cutting edge battery. It has become the leader in the EV market as it provides energy for both residential and industrial purpose. From this rapid and gaint development of tesla in the market, they have become the leading force in the electric vehicle for the next decade. There is no doubt certainly tesla will hold the position of number one in electric vehicles as they are producing it in fine quality. Here are also many other good stocks like nyse spce at  for investing.