Email Marketing Delivery Problems (Part 3)

Different email marketing delivery problems have been discussed in the first and second installment of this article. To continue, here are other email filter aspects that could pose a problem to your email marketing campaign.

High Traffic Mail

One more aspect of email filters that increase your spam score (red flag) to ISPs is the number of emails hitting their services from one source. If you have a large number of lists, it is highly recommended that you don’t send them out in order of ISP. Rather, deliver all emails in alphabetical order or according to date subscribed because this will decrease Token Multisender the number of email going to a certain ISP in a short period of time.Also, it is unheard of where the number of incoming mail to an ISP reached a particular level that they start to bounce messages instead of delivering them. One way to solve this is to send your email marketing campaign during low traffic days (i.e. early Monday morning, Sunday).

Other Delivery Strategies

One of the best methods to determine whether or not your email marketing campaign is getting through your subscribers is by opening an email account with major email services (i.e. AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo). If, after sending your emails, they were not successfully delivered or wound up in the bulk folder of either of the email services, then you should contact that company for a piece of advice. Also, if you are using a list management service, you may not need to have to go to the trouble of opening all email accounts. To prove that this works, you can check the feature they offer and see if they provide delivery reports.Other bigger ISPs have white list programs that anyone can use, i.e. AOL’s bulk sender status. There are other reputable list management services that already have this status with many providers.

There are several ISPs and hosts that provide a degree of control to all their users by giving them a white listing function that allows the use to specify emails coming from addresses that don’t need to be filtered.When you have a great marketing message is just one aspect of a successful and prosperous email marketing campaign. Generally, delivering these email marketing campaigns is one of the biggest and the most difficult challenges many internet marketers face in ecommerce today. Having just one subscriber who will miss out on getting your communication is translated to wasted effort, money and profits. So know how to work with these email filters.