Cell Phone Towers and Mobile Phone Masts – Beacons of Harm

As the owner of a mobile auto glass installation business, you may have to think outside the box when it comes to advertising and marketing campaigns, because your services is rarely a service which people want to use, although it is a service which they may need to use urgently. You should consider using some of these strategies if you want to get ahead of the game in the mobile auto glass installation industry.

Get hardwearing, credit card sized business iPhone cards printed up, which people can store in their wallets and offer a discount to people who can produce one of these cards for your mobile auto glass installation technician when this arrive to do the necessary work. Having credit sized cards will encourage people to keep these cards in their wallet so that they will have your number to hand if they ever need mobile auto glass installation services in an emergency.

Try to network with and connect with local second hand car dealerships, and get them to include a flyer or one of your business cards in their sales packs. This way, every customer who is getting a new car will receive one of your flyers. Many people also keep these welcome packs in the glove compartment of their vehicle, so your card will be close at hand if they need it. It is only worth asking local dealerships to do this if they don’t offer a similar service, because they will not want to help someone who is their direct competition.

Think about the roads and areas near to your area of business and consider which places you get a lot of business from. If there is a poorly maintained highway, where people often get cracks and chips on their windshield from loose stones, consider taking out an advertisement on this stretch of road, so that your company will be visible where people need it most. This means you are also able to attract the attentions of people who are from out of town and may need your services, but would be otherwise unfamiliar with a local business. Display your lowest prices on these signs so that drivers can see the good value which they would receive. Although it is sad to say, some areas also experience more car vandalism than others, and advertising in areas where people are likely to have purposeful damage done to their windshield can also bring your company to the attention of those who need it most.