Advantages of air conditioning auxiliary electric heating

Modern development rapidly, air conditioning is also continuous improvement and technology improvement, is a more fully equipped and more convenient, then what are the advantages of air conditioning auxiliary electric heating? 1, inverter air conditioning auxiliary electric heater The whole use of stainless steel structures, small size, less land, easy to move, and has a waterproof design, with strong corrosion resistance. High density thickened insulation layer is used between stainless steel liner and stainless steel housing, low degree of infinity, heat-water temperature, saving electric energy. 2, the water flow direction is reasonable, uniform heating, no high, low temperature angle, high heat efficiency. 3. High-quality stainless steel electric heating tube main electric space heaters components use imported materials, and advanced production equipment and processes are also used in combination with different regional voltages, and exert more efficient energy. Its insulation performance, pressure resistance, moisture-proof performance are superior to national standards, safe and reliable. The Double Test of the Municipal Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and the Municipal Machinery Bureau. 4, the auxiliary electric heater has a thermostat (default setting 55.c) and an overheat protector (default setting 95.c), used to control the water temperature and water-free over temperature protection, avoid components And the damage of the system. Second generation auxiliary electric heating has achieved thermostat external (can be manually regulated according to the external environment 30 ° C to 95 ° C), and the set temperature brakes are achieved, and the water temperature and more energy efficient can be observed in real time. At the same time, through the work indicator, you can monitor the working condition of the heating tube in real time. 5, maintenance and maintenance is very convenient, as long as the sealing end cover is removed, the electric heating tube can be extracted from the stainless steel nut on the flange. The above is the advantage of air conditioning assistance electric heating, is everyone know? I hope to be helpful.