About Modded Xbox 360 Controllers and Mod Kits


About Modded Xbox 360 Controllers and Mod Kits


Modded Xbox 360 Controller?

Modded controller, rapid fire controller, turbo mod; There are many names for these special controllers that basically enable you to convert a single-fire weapon in your favorite first person shooter game into an automatic weapon. There Ozark Mod Menu are a few different types of modded controllers so let’s take a look at them first. In the following paragraphs we’ll tell you how you can get your hands on them and in what situations and types of games you can use these “rapid fire controllers”.

Types of Rapid Fire Controller Mods

There are two major styles or types of rapidfire controllers: the button style mod and trigger (stealth) mods. Both are good mods and both offer certain advantages during gameplay.

Rapid Fire Button Mods

The first style of mod that we’re going to discuss are button style mods. Essentially, the term “button”, refers to the buttons on the back of the modded controller that control the rapid fire function of the controller. Some button mods require you to hold down the button while holding down the trigger on your controller to enable the mod. These types of mods are regarded as inferior to other types of controller mods because you always have to hold down the button for the rapidfire to work.

The other type of button mod is called a trigger button mod. Basically, this type of controller allows you to use the buttons to turn on the mod itself, as well as change modes. For this type of mod, all that is required is a simple button press to turn the rapid fire on or off. These mods are great for those that need quick on/off operation of their mod for situations like switching to a sniper rifle in a game, in which case you don’t want the mod on or else your shots will be inaccurate.

That’s pretty much it for the “button” style mods. Now lets take a look at their sleeker, more stealth brother: trigger rapid fire mods.

Trigger Rapid Fire Controller Mods

Trigger mods enable a rapid fire modded controller to have all the same functionality as a button mod, except there are no external buttons. These types of modded controllers can be activated in many ways. Most good modded controllers use the existing sync button on the top of the controller. You might be asking yourself, “On the sync button? How does that work? Won’t the controller sync when you activate the mod?” Not exactly. These controllers require you to “tap”, not hold, the sync button to turn on the mod and switch modes. Try it yourself: go pick up your Xbox 360 controller, turn it on and tap the sync button. Nothing happens. That’s what’s awesome about these types of rapid fire controllers, you can change modes that fast.

In What Kinds of Games are Modded Controllers Useful?

When most people think about modded controllers or rapid fire controller mods, they think about Call of Duty games like World at War or Modern Warfare 2. Most first-person shooter games, like the Call of Duty series, have in-game weapons that are not automatic but are single fire only. This is where the mod controller comes in. These controllers will transform those boring single-fire weapons into full blown automatic weapons with rapid fire!

For example, the M1A1 Carbine in COD:World at War or the FAL in COD:Modern Warfare 2. Before, you had to manually press down the right trigger on your controller and the in-game weapon would fire only once per right trigger pull. With most quality controllers, you can hold down the trigger and your gun will fire like an automatic.